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Pricing & Services

Basic Language Edit


Correction of language errors, phrasing, and sentence-level adjustments in the editing style of a native English-speaking PhD scientist. 


Advanced Language Edit


Exhaustive editing including rewriting for clarity, correcting voice, and structural elements. Style and logical flow improvement.


Expert Scientific Review


Advanced editing package plus: intensive expert feedback on scientific content and discussion topics. Includes a professional cover letter for journal submission. $0.14/word.

About Us

Expert Advice

Every paper is read by a PhD scientist from the United States with at least 5 years of manuscript editing experience. 

You will receive hundreds of high-quality tracked changes with comments and suggestions to take your paper, grant, or dissertation to the next level.

What types of things do we edit?

We edit scientific manuscripts, thesis dissertations, and other scientific and medical documents

We have PhD scientist editors with experience in many fields, including: cell biology, cancer, microbiology, immunology, biology, epidemiology, public health, biochemistry, physiology, and more. 

Please send us an email if you have a question about your specific field - there is a good chance that we have a scientist who is knowledgeable in your area.

When you submit your document, it is reviewed by our editorial staff and sent to a PhD editor with experience in your field.

Rapid Results

We offer a 72 hr turnaround for all academic papers, guaranteed. From the moment you choose an editing package, our scientists will begin to review and retouch your work.

100% Publish-Ready Guarantee

If your article is denied on the basis of English language, we will re-edit your paper at no additional cost.

Scientific editing service and manuscript editing service. English science editing.

You've worked hard to collect your data

Scientific journals routinely reject >80% of submissions simply because they do not have space to publish everything they receive. One of the simplest ways to get rejected prior to review is to have poor-quality English throughout your document.

Our team is made up of  100% native English scientists with a PhD and >5 years' experience editing manuscripts for publication. Using an editorial service that offers scientific manuscript editing is an efficient way to make sure that your paper has the best chance of getting published when you submit to a journal. Your work is worth it.

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